sharing ideas for a simple plant-based life


We believe that the benefits of a plant based diet should be available to everyone, regardless of how much money you have in your bank account. That is why we provide resources to eat plant based in a low cost way. If you can provide us with proof of low income status (ie GST refund) we will provide you with the Plant Based Shopping class and Plant Based Cooking Basics class for FREE.


Plant based shopping ($80 for a group of 1-4):

I will meet you at your local grocery store and guide you through where to find plant based options and provide tips and tricks on how to shop efficiently and save money!

Plant based cooking basics ($150 for a group of 1-4):

This 3 hour course is designed to provide you with simple techniques you can use in your daily life to make plant based cooking fast and easy. Topics include: simple knife skills, basic cooking techniques, base recipes.

Special occasion assistance ($ – Contact us):

Looking to impress a special vegan in your life? We can do fancy food too! We will work with you to develop a three course plant based menu or provide one for you based on your preferences. Then we will tailor our assistance to your individual needs. We can assist you with shopping for the ingredients, food preparation, cooking techniques, wine/beer pairing, etc. See some of our past dishes here (link).